MovieGoose was created a few years ago as a dumping ground for reviews I’d built up over some years. There is little direction to the site and updates are erratic, but you will find film nerd nonsense written on almost every genre. Except musicals… I can’t stomach musicals! My particular favourite areas are Westerns and Noir, with a particular fondness for 1970s thrillers. And still there’s room for Ealing, Hitchcock and Italian Neo Realism. Bit of everything then, but I like to try and highlight the smaller films that get lost among the blockbusters and the classics that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Why do I write about film? I have no idea really. Cinema has always fascinated me and I spent a lot of time with like-minded geeks on forums such as the old Virgin Media forums (before they became actual Virgin Media), DVD Collectors Online and eventually -albeit briefly- submitting more detailed commisioned work to sites likeĀ Life has thankfully got in the way since then and stopped me disappearing entirely up my own backside (you may disagree after reading some this stuff), but I’m determined to keep this running in some form or another.

You’re welcome to stick around. Comment if you wish and I’ll respond. I’ll steadily keep updating the site with my old reviews while trying to throw a few new ones in as well. Find me on Twitter too… @Moviegoose